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Rhymes of the Century

by Darryl Ashton
Whimsical poems about today’s world from Blackpool's favourite comedian/poet
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SMEC Its History

by Leonard & Guy A-R-West
An illustrated history of Scale Model Equipment Co Ltd of Steyning, Sussex, England 1946-1960

Twelve Days in the Battle for Monte Cassino

by Peter Bunnett
An eyewitness account from the log of Bombardier Ronald Patrick Bunnett of the Royal Artillery, March 1944

Grain, Planes & Coffee Machines

by Graham Wise
A Memoir - 1937-2000 One man’s journey from a small Kentish island to Mars & beyond (via the Royal Air Force)

The World of a Latchkey Kid

by John Oliver
The life and times of a London-born naval officer, television sound engineer, musician and yachtsman 1931-2007

Will's War

by Jeanette Upshall
A Soldier’s Experiences with the Somerset Light Infantry in India & Mesopotamia 1913-19

Edwin's Exploits

by Richard Biddlecombe
Edwin's exploits include a career in television and involvement with a controversial church which picks a wife for him...


Wings for Sale

by Barry Lloyd
Worldwide experiences of an aircraft salesman 1981-94
military, local and social history

Twin Bases Remembered

by Norman Rose
A personal history of the RAF and USAF
at Bentwaters & Woodbridge 1943-1993


by Gyorgy Nadasdy & Julia Pinner

Experiences of a teenage Freedom Fighter in the 1956 Hungarian Uprising & the years in exile that followed


Before the Rainbow

by Joan Blackburn
The Story of Charles & Alice ~ an Edwardian married couple 1901-1941
World War 2 RAF/Aviation

Flying Boats, Fathers & Fate

by Trevor Richter
A tale of two RAF pilots in the Far East during World War IIand the remarkable coincidence that connected them
Autobiography / WW2

From Ypres to Georgetown

by Bob Simmons (with Sheryl Sinclair)
An Englishman’s adventures in Europe & the Far East during World War II& postwar career in Television
Autobiography / Local History

Flying Upside Down

by Richard G. Walker
Memories of childhood / adolescence during and after WW2 in Stopsley, Bedfordshire and subsequent RAF National Service
Autobiography / WW2 RAF

How I Became a Pathfinder Navigator

by Peter D Saville
My aircrew training and subsequent activities with No.35 Squadron RAF during and after World War II
Autobiography / RAF 1970s

Naafi, Nijmegen & the Path to Norway

by Joan Blackburn
Further adventures of a WRAF Airwoman – 1971 and beyond…