Masai Mara : The Savage Plains

Ivory Poaching in Africa
ISBN 978-184683-192-8
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by Guy West
A gripping adventure novel set in Kenya that focuses on the criminal actions of African ivory poachers and those working to stop them.

Guy West grew up in Kenya during the country's final years as a British colony. He uses his own experience to tell this gripping and relevant story about elephant poachers who, despite all efforts to stop them, continue to massacre hundreds of these endangered animals for their ivory.

Guy has earned an international reputation as an expert on antique guns and, with his brother Leo, has written and illustrated numerous magazine pieces as well as three books, all published by Woodfield.

This thrilling adventure story by internationally-known antique weaponry specialist Guy West centres on the deadly trade of ivory poaching.

Set in the 1990s it follows the fortunes of a world-weary, middle-aged war correspondent on the rebound from a failed relationship who takes a sabbatical from his journalistic career to make a nostalgic return to Africa, where he spent his childhood and formative years, in the famous Masai Mara region of Kenya in East Africa.

He sits next to a beautiful young woman on the journey to Kenya and is immediately drawn to her. Unfortunately, she is greeted by her boyfriend upon arrival, putting a stop to his dreams for a romantic relationship.

But they'll meet again - this time under less than ideal conditions, out in the open on the plains and on the run from a violent band of ivory poachers. In a fight to the death to rescue himself and his gorgeous companion, he must draw on all he's learned in the war-torn battlezones he's reported from, and possibly win her affections in the process...

This is a fantastic book for armchair explorers worldwide...

details softback | 170 x 250 mm | 380 pages | text only
genre fiction

Masai Mara region of Kenya, East Africa

content adventure | romance | action