Books with Local & Global Connections
A number of our books are associated with a particular geographical location in the UK or overseas

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A small selection of our books with local or global connections is featured below...

a beat around the bush

A Beat Around the Bush

A Copper in Calabar by Harry Brun

A Copper in Calabar

A Passage To Peshawar by Bill Precey

A Passage to Peshawar

A Portrait of Slindon by Josephine Duggan Rees

A Portrait of Slindon

Achtung Minen Guernsey by Henry Beckingham

Achtung Minen! Guernsey

An Ayrshire Shipbuilder by Dougal McIntyre

An Ayrshire Shipbuilder

I Flew for Savimbi by Simon Van Garderen

I Flew for Savimbi

Letters from a Kashmir Memsahib y Margaret Cloughley

Letters from a Kashmir Memsahib

Prestwicks Pioneer by Dougal McIntyre

Prestwick's Pioneer

Snakes & Cromwell by Myles Stanistreet

Snakes and Cromwell

The South Coast Beat Scene by Mike Read

The South Coast Beat Scene of the 1960s

Twin Bases Remembered by Norman Rose

Twin Bases Remembered