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The Sheeps in the Meadow ... Hopefully

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by Eileen Sullivan 
The life and times of Hampshire shepherd, lay pastor and raconteur Dave Sullivan.

Illustrated with numerous photographs, this enjoyable biography of a well-respected figure in the Hampshire farming community will be appreciated by anyone with an affinity for the British countryside and those who live and work within it.

A well-respected character in his home county of Hampshire in Southern England, Dave Sullivan has spent a lifetime working on the land and is renowned for his expertise as a sheep farmer as well as being well known as a popular lay pastor and public speaker.

Written by his wife Eileen, this enjoyable book recounts many of Dave's interesting and unusual life experiences and will delight all those with an interest in the rural way of life.

It follows Dave's progress from greenhorn farm-hand on Exmoor at the age of 16 ~ via Australia and New Zealand, which he visited after being awarded a Nuffield Farming Scholarship to study Antipodean sheep farming methods ~ to owning his own business at 45, shepherding thousands of sheep as he pioneered a scheme known as Sheep Share farming (into which investors put money while Dave contributed his expertise).

Now theoretically retired, Dave seldom has any time to spare, still owning 350 ewes, which need caring for. In Tis ‘spare’ time he manages to sustain the roles of School Governor, Parish Council Chairman, Delegate to the British Wool Marketing Board and Hampshire Sheep Group Chairman ~ but his main love is helping to pastor at the local Gospel Hall in the next village, where he and his wife have been actively involved for many years.

Dave has also ‘mentored’ many young people needing help and advice in their farming careers, and in particular those seeking out his expertise in sheep husbandry.

details Softback | 180 pages text and photographs
themes Sheep farming / rural life / lay preaching / the county of Hampshire