Pull Up a Sandbag

Military Humour
ISBN 1-84683-074-5
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A ribald collection of stories, jokes and anecdotes contributed by a variety of British military personnel.

The publisher would like to issue a polite warning to potential readers that the content of this book is definitely not politically correct and those likely to be offended by robust humour and language would be best advised to give it a miss.

Former services personnel, on the other hand, will find plenty to enjoy within its pages!

Pull Up a Sandbag has been hailed by many as one of the funniest collections of military humour ever published.

Contributed mainly by British Army personnel ~ with additional Royal Navy and Royal Air Force input ~ the real-life tales in Pull Up a Sandbag are guaranteed to amuse any military veteran.

An ideal gift for any former member of the armed forces, this book is also a fund-raiser for Help For Heroes, so the laughter is also for a good cause.


Customer comments

This is not an Andy McNab action-type book for civvies to thrill and wonder over, nor a Leslie Thomas humour-filled depiction of army life. This book consists of real stories by real soldiers which, while being very funny, at the same time convey the camaraderie and at times ridiculousness of a life in the military services. Both active and ex-servicemen will love it.

Chris McCreedy

Pull up a Sandbag is a brilliant collection of bite sized snippets of armed service humour. A perfect bog-book for home or work, or for civvies who wonder what squaddies do when they are not appearing on TV with Ross Kemp.

Les Howard


When I had finished I realised through many emotions (including shame, guilt, naughtiness) that the warm feeling I now had was pride. Pride that I had once been a squaddie.

Mike Cooper

Full of truly hilarious tales and barrack room legends this book is a must for any serving or ex serviceman... Well done!

Andy Dodd

Received my copy yesterday so started reading it whilst sitting in Court this morning, the Judge kept raising her eyebrows at me when I constantly let out little chuckles.

Martin Avins

Should be issued in Phase 1 training to newbies.

Auld Yin

...brought back memories of being a young sprog sapper in BAOR during the 1980's. 

A Knocker

info softback | 200 pages
keywords military humour | military jokes & anecdotes | UK armed forces humour | squaddie humour
readership over 18 only - contains adult humour