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Carried on the Wind

RAF World War II
ISBN 1-903953-45-6
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by Sean Feast
Profile of Ted Manners, a Special Duties Operator with 101 Squadron RAF during World War II.

This well-written profile of a special duties operator with 101 Squadron RAF during the Second World War contains a wealth of information which may prove valuable to historians and researchers but is also an entertaining read for anyone with an interest in the activities of the Royal Air Force during World War II and in particular their special duty squadrons, whose extra crewmember was tasked with eavesdropping on, and interfering with, enemy communications and direction finding equipment.

This book reveals the secret wartime role of the RAF's Special Duties Operators, employed to spy on and interfere with enemy radar and radio communications.

At the centre of the story is Ted Manners, who flew as the  secret ‘eighth man’ in an otherwise normal operational Lancaster bomber aircraft belonging to 101 Squadron. Using his specialist knowledge, equipment and training, his job was to intercept communications between Luftwaffe ground control and the night-fighter squadrons operating in the skies over Germany in 1944.  By listening into their communications it was possible  either to gain advance knowledge of the activities of enemy aircraft movements  in order to avoid them or issue spoof messages to send them in the wrong direction.  Other activities involve jamming their radio signals so that they could not communicate with ground control and jamming their radar direction finding equipment which they used to locate the whereabouts of RAF aircraft.

It is also the story of the remaining members of the Lancaster crew with whom Ted flew, on a tour of operations that included eight trips to Berlin as well as others to Nuremberg, Leipzig and Mailly-Le-Camp ... on one occasion surviving a mid-air collision over Belgium.

The book also gives an excellent insight into the wider activities of No.101 Special Duties Squadron, whose attrition rate at the time was so high that, in the course of their six-month period with the squadron, Ted and his colleagues were the only crew to complete a tour of 30 operations ... in the process winning two DFCs and a DFM between them.

details softback | 140 x 205 mm | 300 pages | b/w photos
genre biography | military history | true war and combat stories | air forces and warfare
keywords RAF, World War 2, 101 Squadron, Special Duties