Chocks & Driptrays – an airmans experiences in the postwar RAF

by Stanley Newton
Experiences of an RAF Flight Mechanic in the UK, India and Pakistan 1946-56.

Chocks Away!

by Wing Commander John Leighton Beck DFC*
The memoirs and letters of  a WW2 bomber pilot with 214 and 159 Squadrons.

Circuits and Bumps

by Gerhard Heilig
A pilot's progress from RAF bombers to commercial airliners 1944-65

Circuses, Beats and Blenheims

by Gordon Shackleton
Memoirs of a World War II Blenheim pilot with 114 Squadron RAF.
Cirla's Story by Cirla Lewis

Cirlas Story - My childhood in the Holocaust

by Cirla Lewis
A young Jewish girl's experiences in Nazi-occupied Belgium during the Holocaust years.

Climb to and Maintain

by Eric Woods
A former navigator's experiences with BOAC in the postwar years.

Coastal Command Pilot

by Ted Rayner
WW2 experiences of an RAF Coastal Command pilot with 220 Squadron and 269 Squadron in Norway, Iceland and Greenland.
Corduroy Days

Corduroy Days

by Josephine Duggan Rees
My experiences as a Land Girl in the Women's Land Army during World War II

Corkscrew to Safety

by Thomas G Quinlan
A Lancaster tail-gunner’s tour with 103 Squadron RAF 1944/5.

Crash Boats of Gorleston

by Tony Overill
The WW2 exploits of of No.24 Air Sea Rescue Unit of the RAF Marine Branch.

Dancing with Dyspraxia

by Hazel Carr 
A practical guide for Parents and Teachers of children with Dyspraxia
deep fried steak by richard barr

Deep Fried Steak, Vodka & Chai

by Richard Barr
A sailor-turned-entrepreneur’s experiences afloat and ashore in the UK and former Soviet Union.

Desert War Diary: 213 Squadron

by John Walton
Portrait of a Hurricane squadron of the Desert Air Force in North Africa and Cyprus in WW2.
Desert Wheels by Bryan Blow

Desert Wheels

by Bryan Blow
A pictorial history of No.51 (RAF) MT Company/Squadron of the Middle East Air Force (MEAF) 1942-56.

Drop and Give Me Twenty!

by Rob Novak
Mischievous memoir of an RAF airman in the Falkland Islands and elsewhere during the 1980s.

Edwins Exploits

by Richard Biddlecombe
Edwin's exploits include a career in television and involvement with a controversial church which picks a wife for him...

Erks On Parade

by Graham Wise
A humorous look at the life of an ordinary RAF Airman in the 1950s.

Espionage Behind the Wire

by Howard Greville
The  secret history of a British intelligence network operating within German prisoner of war camps during World War II

Fairy Tales of an S.A.C.

by John McGregor
A young airman’s experiences at RAF Thorney Island (and other exotic places) 1967-72.


by John Forbes
An F4 Phantom crew from RAF Leuchars face a dangerous adversary in this Cold War action/spy thriller.

Flagship March

by Robert C Bertie
The battle of the sexes continues at RAF March in this entertaining sequel to Bluebelles on Parade

Fly High - Fly Low

by Eric Morgan
The three remarkable aviation careers of Leslie R Colquhoun DFC, GM, DFM - WW2  Reconnaissance Pilot; Supermarine Test Pilot and Vickers Hovercraft Pioneer.

Flying Boats, Fathers & Fate

by Trevor Richter
A tale of two RAF  flying boat pilots in the Far East during World War II and the remarkable coincidence that connected them

Flying the Waves

by Richard Pike
Experiences of an air-sea rescue helicopter pilot around the Scottish coast in the 1980s/90s.

Flying Upside Down

by Richard G. Walker
Memories of childhood / adolescence during and after WW2 in Stopsley, Bedfordshire and subsequent RAF National Service