The Heart Has Room For Two

ISBN 1-84683-010-9
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by Chris Bolton
A World War II love story.

A compelling historical romance set in war-torn Europe during the Second World War that will be enjoyed by any fans of historical and/or romantic fiction.

In 1939 three young journalists, Charles, Bob and Chris (the narrator) are sent by their news agencies to cover the growing crisis in Poland. When the country is invaded by Germany, signalling the beginning of World War II, they are forced to flee southwards, keeping just ahead of the Nazi invaders.

They manage to make it to Yugoslavia, but it too is soon attacked and they are forced to move on again. Amidst the chaos, Chris meets and rapidly falls in love with Helena, a beautiful Yugoslavian girl, and they begin a passionate affair...

Soon, all four of them are on the run together, making an epic journey which will take them via Greece and across the Mediterranean to North Africa. There will be many surprises along the way, which will lead them eventually to England, but for each of them, love, comradeship, fear, courage and death will have ceased to be just words in the dictionary...

But war-torn London during the Blitz will prove to be no safe haven, and more passion and tragedy awaits our hero before this powerful story reaches its conclusion.