Pluck Under Fire – A Regular Soldiers Experiences in the Korean War

the Korean War
ISBN 1-903953-08-1
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by John Pluck
A former regular soldier with the Middlesex Regiment looks back on his experiences during the Korean War

A compelling fist-hand account from a former British soldier in the Korean War.

In September 1950, at 23 years of age, Corporal John Pluck was one of the most highly battle-trained soldiers in the British Army, having been trained to take part in World War 2, which ended before he had seen any action. He had no experience of being under fire in any war, large or small and had yet to hear a shot fired in anger.

All this was to change when he was sent to join the Korean War with the Middlesex Regiment.

What he was to experience in Korea would remain in his memory for ever.

John was to discover that his training had not prepared him, his fellow NCOs, or the officers in charge, for the type of warfare they were to encounter in the hills of Korea. Conditions were difficult, the terrain challenging, the enemy unpredictable and the fighting brutal. Morale among British troops rapidly became low.

John's recollections of his experiences in the front line reveal the shocking truth about British involvement in this war, which which was subsequently 'hushed up' by the UK government and never spoken of again.

in common with his fellow veterans of the Korean campaign, John felt affronted that their efforts on behalf of the nation had been so casually overlooked and resolved to write this book to reveal what conditions were like for the front-line troops in this largely forgotten war.

details softback | 140 x 205mm | 242 pages text + photos
genre war memoir / military history
subject British involvement in Korean War