The Enigma of 13 Sandown Road

Kew Gardens
ISBN 1-84683-137-7
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by Jeff Pack
An inventive botanical mystery novel – Kew Gardens will never seem the same again!

London's famous Kew Gardens are at the centre of this inventive murder mystery featuring skulduggery in the shrubbery.

An elderly man dies in his modest south London house. There is nothing apparently suspicious about his death. His house is eventually bought by a wealthy American widow who discovers the man’s papers, which have been inadvertently left there.

She starts to go through them and finds that he was a Welshman called Havergal Wyllyams – a botanist who worked at Kew Gardens and wrote poetry in his spare time.

He seems at first to have been an unremarkable and solitary man but as she goes through the papers a quite different story emerges, a story that will lead her in a botanical quest to Morocco, Patagonia and Madagascar and eventually to his birthplace in Wales, where she will meet the inspiration for much of Havergal’s poetry.

It also becomes clear that perhaps his death was not as innocent as first thought.

This unusual and imaginative novel will entertain anyone who enjoys mystery, poetry, botany, global travel, Kew Gardens, conservation, Wales and the Welsh language – to name but a few of its many themes.

details: softback | 140 x 205 mm | 230 pages
genre: fiction