Capital City Paramedic by John E Kinsley

Capital City Paramedic

The Ambulance Service
ISBN 1-903953-22-7
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by John Kinsley
Experiences of a London Ambulanceman 1975-82.

Capital City Paramedic is the true story of ambulanceman John Kinsley, who served with the London Ambulance Service from March 1975 until September 1982.

The book follows his progress from selection and induction at the Waterloo headquarters of the LAS, on-road training at the hectic Bloomsbury accident and emergency ambulance station in Central London and through his work as a Leading Ambulanceman and Paramedic at several South London ambulance stations in the years that followed.

The huge area of operations covered by the London ambulance service, ensured that, in the course of his career, John attended just about every kind of routine emergency, plus a few unusual ones, including IRA terrorist attacks, the Brixton riots, the London visit of the Pope and the tragic death of pop star Marc Bolan.

To an extent this is a historical account of what is now a bygone era, but although much has changed in the years since the events described, the nature of ambulance work remains the same and anyone who has served in the Ambulance Service will immediately recognise the characters and situations portrayed, whereas those with no similar experience will find this book to be a fascinating insight into the life and work of the emergency services.

details: softback | 140 x 205 mm | 200 pages | photos



London Ambulance Service 1960s/70s

readership: historians / general readers