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There Goes the Siren

Childhood World War II
ISBN 1-84683-144-X
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by Sheila Dobson
Childhood memories of the London Blitz and Wartime Evacuation.

A nostalgic trip down memory lane for anyone who grew up in London during the Second World War and a valuable resource for historians, students, journalists or authors researching this era and looking for authentic eyewitness details.

In this evocative memoir, Sheila Dobson recalls her childhood years during World War Two. Born in the London borough of Lambeth into a loving family, Sheila and her siblings were soon to be among the thousands of London children whose lives were turned upside down by the arrival of war.

When Hitler’s Blitz on London began, Lambeth became a very unsafe place to live and Sheila’s mother decided to get her young family away from the bombing. With little money and wartime restrictions in place, this was by no means an easy task but she rose to the challenge and escaped with her children to the relative safety of the West Country.

It was to be the first of several relocations which would see the family living in a variety of places in England during the wartime years, experiencing all manner of hardships and setbacks but also kindness and generosity from the best of the people they encountered on their travels.

A warm-hearted book that is a tribute to all those young wartime mothers, left to look after their children on their own in the most difficult of circumstances, whose fortitude can only be admired.

details softback | 100 pages text + photos
genre wartime memoir
themes London in WW2 | evacuation | family life