Chocks & Driptrays – an airmans experiences in the postwar RAF

RAF postwar
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by Stanley Newton
Experiences of an RAF Flight Mechanic in the UK, India and Pakistan 1946-56.

Illustrated with the author's own drawings of vintage aircraft, this well written memoir contains a wealth of detailed information that will be of interest to historians and researchers interested in the role of the RAF during the latter days of British rule in India and Pakistan.

In this enjoyable memoir, Stanley Newton recalls his experiences as an Airframe Fitter in the Royal Air Force in the postwar 1940s/50s.

The book’s title will be a familiar phrase to any former RAF ground crew personnel, being the last order given at the end of the day when flying was over and all the aircraft had been pushed into the hangar to be bedded down for the night.

The narrative takes us from Stan’s earliest memories of Sir Alan Cobham’s barnstorming air displays, which inspired his lifelong interest in aviation, through his wartime apprenticeship with Blackburn Aircraft Limited to his ten years in the RAF from 1946-56.

Though principally concerned with aviation in its various aspects, Stan digresses frequently to describe events, personalities and places which had a bearing on his career in aviation. In particular, his experiences during overseas postings to India and Pakistan, which coincided with the end of British rule in that part of the world.

There are also reports of many humorous happenings, a 'true' ghost story and various out-of-the-ordinary occurrences to provide light relief.

The text accompanied by the author's professional quality illustrations of various aircraft of the era.

details softback | 140 x 205 mm | 300 pages | monochrome illustrations
subject life in the RAF of the 1940s/50s
genre military memoir | 1940s/50s nostalgia
readership aviation enthusiasts | military historians | RAF veterans | general readers