Troubles Trials and Travels

The Old Bailey
ISBN 1-84683-050-8
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by Brian Edwards
True story of a local government official wrongly accused of corruption and his struggle to clear his name.

A former senior employee of three London boroughs tells how his life was turned upside down when he was accused of corruption and of his lengthy struggle to establish his innocence, which included his standing trial at London's famous Old Bailey courthouse.

His later experiences as a businessman and entrepreneur in post-glasnost Russia were no less extraordinary...

“I can remember, as child of about ten years old, standing in the school playground, wondering what life had in store for me. Little did I know then ~ and how could I ever have imagined ~ that after working in senior positions for some of the larger left-wing London Borough Councils, I would find myself working in Russia with my own KGB minders while my house in England was watched day and night by the Special Branch, or even the KGB, for a period of well over two years.

Again, I could never have imagined, even in my worst nightmares, becoming the subject of international press interest after being suddenly and publicly arrested, accused of corruption and sent for trial at the ‘Old Bailey’ ~ just weeks after I had relinquished my position as Chief Building Surveyor for the London Borough of Camden and sold my house in preparation for my family of six to emigrate and start a new life in New Zealand.

It is said that four events in life are the most stressful: changing one’s job, moving house, emigrating abroad and getting divorced – and we were experiencing the first three concurrently.”

This book tells how Brian Edwards survived all of the above, cleared his name, and lived to tell his extraordinary tale of triumph over adversity.

A real-life Kafka-esque story, demonstrating how rapidly circumstances can conspire to send an innocent person’s life spiralling out of control.

binding softback
page size 140 x 205 mm
number of pages 228
illustrations b/w and colour photographs