RAF Humour

A selection of books that take a light-hearted look at life in the air force...

Bawdy Ballads & Dirty Ditties of the Wartime RAF

An assortment of the rude rhymes and saucy songs performed by RAF airmen for their own amusement in RAF messes at home and abroad during WW2

Carry On Corporal

by Edward Cartner
An amusing exploration of the perpetual power struggle between military officers and NCOs.

Erks On Parade

by Graham Wise
A humorous look at the life of an ordinary RAF Airman in the 1950s.

I Have Control!

by Edward Cartner
A junior officer's attempts to gain the respect of his subordinates and superiors never go according to plan.

Upside Down Again

edited by Lars Torders
Our second collection of jokes and anecdotes contributed by RAF personnel.

Upside Down, Nothing on the Clock

A collection of jokes and anecdotes contributed by RAF personnel in aid of the RAF Benevolent Fund.
Was It Like This For You?

Was It Like This For You?

RAF veterans recall the many absurdities of service life.

Who Is In Charge Here?

by Edward Cartner
Now a senior officer, our hero is still trying (and failing) to impress his superiors and control his subordinates