Who Is In Charge Here?

RAF humour
ISBN 1-873203-93-4
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by Edward Cartner
Now a senior officer, our hero is still trying (and failing) to impress his superiors and control his subordinates

 Anyone who has served in the British Armed Forces will relate to the stories contained in this book although you don't need to have a military background to enjoy these gently humorous, self-deprecating tales featuring some of the author's less glorious moments as a senior RAF officer.

This is Edward Cartner’s second book of short stories, based on his experiences during the latter part of his career as an RAF parachute expert, during which he spent much time on secondment to the Army’s Parachute Regiment as an instructor.

This provided ample opportunities for misunderstandings, blunders, mishaps and general mayhem, all of which are well described in a series of short, but very funny stories. Between them, they depict the many humorous aspects of the life of a senior officer in the modern-day armed forces.

Poking gentle fun at the military in general and himself in particular, Edward Cartner has come up with a book to match the hilarity of his first collection of stories I Have Control, which dealt with his trials and tribulations as a junior officer in a similarly humorous way.