Impress of Eternity - The Turin Shroud

The Turin Shroud
ISBN 1-873203-55-1
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by Paul McNamee
A personal investigation into the authenticity of Turin shroud.

Is the Turin Shroud real or just an elaborate fake? The author weighs up the evidence and comes to his own conclusion...

The Turin Shroud has intrigued scientists, clerics, believers and non-believers ever since its discovery in the Middle Ages.

Is it really the cloth in which Jesus was wrapped after the Crucifixion or just an elaborate fake?

If it is a fake, argues Paul McNamee, in this short but insightful examination of the shroud’s history, it’s a remarkable one indeed, for it seems to have confounded scientists and sceptics over the years, none of whom have been able to prove categorically that it is not genuine.

The Holy Shroud of Turin continues to be an intriguing enigma, derided by some, yet believed in by many.
Whatever they believe, this little book is sure to give all those who read it food for thought.