The Boy, The Mystery & the Open Book

family life
ISBN 9781-84683-166-9
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by Jeff Pack
A Partial Autobiography, A Psychological Selfie or a Cock & Bull Story? One Man's attempt at self-analysis.

IN THIS ENGAGING autobiographical account, Jeff Pack subjects himself to a few sessions of self-analysis, revisiting various events that shaped his life and the people who influenced him.

Not surprisingly, most important among these were his mother and father, whose contrasting personalities are, respectively, ‘the mystery and ‘the open book' of the title, with Jeff himself cast as ‘the boy’.

When older family members provide Jeff with fresh insights into his parents’ formative years and their relationship as a couple, this in turn leads him to reflect upon his own youthful memories of family life.

After undertaking a journey of introspection, involving a variety of analytical processes, Jeff reveals what he has learnt about himself and others.

Whilst his conclusions are inevitably personal, his methods provide a useful template for anyone wishing to embark on a similar voyage of self-discovery.

binding softback
size 140 x 205 mm
text 65,000 words
illustrations 95 colour and monochrome photos
genre autobiography, self-help, self-analysis
readership adult, general interest, all age groups