deep fried steak by richard barr

Deep Fried Steak, Vodka & Chai

ISBN 1-84683-136-9
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by Richard Barr
A sailor-turned-entrepreneur’s experiences afloat and ashore in the UK and former Soviet Union.

"In this second and hugely enjoyable instalment of his autobiography, Richard Barr regales his readers once again with warm and funny reminiscences of his hectic family life and attempted entreprenurial activities..."

In this enjoyable sequel to Very Unable Seaman (in which he recalled his experiences as an inept junior seaman in the Royal Navy of late 1950s) ‘Dickie’ Barr reveals what happened to him in the following eventful years.

It is a story of endeavours of many kinds as he and his ever-supportive wife Stevie take on the world together.

At first they face a struggle for financial survival, requiring them to juggle numerous part-time jobs to pay the bills and raise their young family as Dickie serves out the remainder of his 29 years in the Navy, following which, now living in Cornwall, they try their hands at numerous money-making enterprises, including staging Medieval Banquets, making patisserie for hotels, property development and business consultancy - with varying degrees of success.

In the latter capacity, in the early 1990s Dickie finds himself en route for Ukraine, a nation newly freed from Soviet control and desperate to learn the commercial ways of the West. Here he encounters a culture completely new to him and, once again aided by Stevie, amongst others, he becomes involved in a variety of training initiatives and cooperative ventures, making many lasting friendships in the process.

Along the way there are all kinds of difficulties to be overcome, numerous triumphs and disasters to be experienced and plenty of laughs to be enjoyed, resulting in an entertaining narrative that readers of all ages and persuasions will find amusing, educational and inspirational in equal measure.

A really splendid autobiography that anyone can enjoy.

details: softback | 140 x 205 mm | 256 pages

autobiography / memoir


all ages

content: lighthearted reminiscences of married life and parenthoood / working life and entreprenurial activities / travel and adventure