Nautical Narratives

Books that share a naval/nautical theme...

Military history

A Bootneck's Footsteps

by Mike Pinnock 
The author sets off on a nostalgic journey to retrace his father's movements with the Royal Marines 1921-45
naval memoir

A Corkhead's Chronicle

by David J. Lott
Experiences of a Royal Navy Clearance Diver 1955-76
WW2 military memoir

A Diver in the Dark

by Sydney Knowles BEM
Memoir of a WW2 Royal Navy Clearance Diver and diving partner of Commander Lionel 'Buster' Crabb

A Diver's Escapades

by Glennys E Forrester-Brown
The early life and wartime experiences of Joe Forrester – a lad from the Potteries who served in the Royal Navy as a diver during World War II
Aviation memoir

Adventures of a Flying Dutchman

by Rudolf J Idzerda
Autobiography of a WW2 pilot in the Netherlands Naval Air Service who went on to become a Rear Admiral and later a Director of the World Wildlife Fund
History - Scotland

An Ayrshire Shipbuilder

by Dougal McIntyre
Portrait of John McIntyre, a 19th/20th century Scottish shipbuilder
Maritime memoir

Apprentice to the Red Ensign

by Mike Holmes
A Merchant Seaman's experiences in the the late 1940s with the Ellerman & Bucknell line
RAF memoir World War II

Coastal Command Pilot

by Ted Rayner

WW2 experiences of a Hudson pilot with 269 Squadron in Norway, Iceland and Greenand
RAF in WW2

Crash Boats of Gorleston

by Tony Overill
The WW2 exploits of of No.24 Air Sea Rescue Unit of the RAF Marine Branch
autobiography / humour

Deep Fried Steak, Vodka & Chai

by Richard Barr
A sailor-turned-entrepreneur’s experiences afloat and ashore in the UK and former Soviet Union
Aviation memoir

Flying the Waves

by Richard Pike

Experiences of an air-sea rescue helicopter pilot around the Scottish coast in the 1980s/90s
Biography/aviation history

Goodhart : The Story of an Exceptional Man

by Richard Harris & Barrie Williams

A biography of Rear Admiral Nicholas Goodhart, CB, Legion of Merit, FRAeS, RN (1919–2011)
WW2 memoir

I Married a Princess

by Thomas Soars
The heart-warming tale of an English RNVR officer who met and married a Persian princess during World War II and brought her home to a distinctly unglamorous life in England.
military/civilian memoir

Inside and Out

by Robert Cosh
Entertaining memoir featuring the author's experiences in the wartime Royal Navy (1939-46) and postwar in HM Prison Service (1946-81)
Naval history

Intercepted at Sea

by Leslie Howson
& John Nixon
An investigation into the human cost of insecure Royal Navy communications during two World Wars
humorous memoir

It Was Bill's Fault

by Alf Sharpling
The comical misadventures of two would-be sea anglers in Essex, Cornwall and Wales
Civilian memoir

Liverpool Tales

by John Williams
A diverse collection of entertaining stories from a gifted Liverpudlian raconteur
Naval history

On a Sailor's Grave (No Roses Grow)

by Mike Kemble
A personal investigation into some of the greatest Maritime Disasters of the Second World War
RAF memoir

Percy's Piece of the War

by Percy Shipperbottom

Exploits of an RAF High Speed Launch Wireless Operator in the UK and Far East during World War 2
Maritime memoir

Red Duster Recollections

by Ron Tubb

A former Merchant Seaman recalls his experiences before and during World War Two
Naval biography

Ships & Stars & Isles

by G.A. Taylor RNVR
Engaging account of Royal Navy service during World War II drawn from the author's letters and diaries
Autobiography/verse and song lyrics

Songs & Ditties of the Fleet

by Richard Barr & Bernie Bruen
A collection of song lyrics, poems and humorous observations informed by the authors' combined experiences in the Royal Navy 1950s-1980s
RAF memoir

Swinging the Lamp

by Ted Bedwell
Amusing nautical tales from a former 'webfoot' coxwain of the RAF Marine Branch

The Brats

by Tony Paul

Four young stowaways from Greenock endure cruel mistreatment on a transatlantic voyage in this real-life seafaring adventure set in 1868

The World of a Latchkey Kid

by John Oliver
The life and times of a London-born naval officer, television sound engineer, musician and yachtsman 1931-2007
Naval memoir

This is My Story, This is My Song

by Ray Oram

Experiences of a WW2 Landing Craft (Tank) Skipper in the Atlantic, the Mediterranean and on D-Day...
Bomb disposal

Tread Lightly into Danger

by Anthony Charlwood

A former Royal Navy diver and freelance bomb disposal expert recalls his many escapades in the world's trouble-spots
Naval memoir

Very Unable Seaman

by Richard Barr

A Junior Rating’s experiences in the Royal Navy 1958-1961