A Stones Throw Away

The Ambulance Service
ISBN 1-84683-088-5
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by Nick Horobin & Jackie Newman
Inspiring true story of a paramedic's long road to recovery after an attack on his ambulance left him with life-changing injuries.

When Nick Horobin turned up for work as an ambulance driver in the Derbyshire town of Ashbourne one Saturday night in September 2001 he had no idea that before the night was over his life would have changed forever. An experienced ambulanceman, Nick had worked many such night shifts in the past, but tonight would prove to be his last...

Later that night, while transporting a patient to hospital, an unknown assailant hurled a lump of concrete at his ambulance.

It came through the windscreen, hit Nick in the face and rendered him unconscious. The ambulance careered off the road out of control, ending up on its side in a field. Miraculously its three other occupants were not seriously hurt but Nick had sustained major injuries. After many years of caring for others, he was now a casualty himself.

As a result of this cowardly and unprovoked attack he lost an eye, suffered brain damage and was left badly disfigured. Worst of all, his injuries meant that he could never again work as an ambulanceman ~ a job he loved to do. This book tells, in his own words, of his battle over many years to recover from his injuries and rebuild his life.

His road to recovery has been a bumpy one, with many twists and turns and obstacles to overcome. He has made plenty of mistakes and poor decisions along the way, which he makes no attempt to hide or excuse, and as a result his story is a believable and encouraging one ~ of an ordinary guy struggling to come to terms with the after-effects of a life-shattering event.

It should prove inspirational to anyone who reads it.

Details softback | 140 x 205mm | 120 pages | colour photos