A Matter of Feeling

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by Arnold Brettel
A practitioner reveals his unique Buddhist/Jungian approach to psychotherapy.

This well-written exposition from a practitioner of Jungian analysis will be a valuable resource for students, researchers or anyone interested in psychology, hypnotherapy, the analysis of dreams and the work of Carl Jung

Arnold Brettell served in the Royal Artillery during World War II and subsequently became a Buddhist and underwent Jungian analysis.

For the next twenty five years he had a successful career in the film industry before taking early retirement. He resolved to fulfil a lifelong ambition to practise psychology and discovered that he was able to use hypnotherapy as an adjunct to treatment.

In this book he describes the threefold nature of body, mind and spirit and sets out his system of treatment, which incorporates concepts from Buddhism, Jungian psychology and hypnotherapy.

He emphasises the importance of the patient taking an active part in treatment, varuous exercises designed to remove stress and increase awareness are described and actual case histories are cited.

He also discusses the usefulness of picture therapy and the interpretation of dreams.