Milk and Honey

ISBN 1-84683-003-6
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by Paul Stanton
A pet donkey proves more of a challenge than its owner bargained for in this warm-hearted tale of family life that will amuse all pet-owners...

When put-upon father Paul Stanton learns that his young daughters are hankering after a new pet to add to their already overcrowded menagerie, he is less than enthusiastic, particularly as the animal in question is a donkey.

After trying his best to put them off, he is finally forced to give in and soon a new member of the family, in the shape of Honey, a rescued donkey with a personality problem, is ensconced in a hastily-converted garden shed.

This, of course, is not the end of the story but just the beginning...
Honey will prove to be a handful from the outset and the source of many a headache for her reluctant owner, who will be called upon to deal with one donkey-induced crisis after another in the hilarious turn of events that follows.

He will also discover, much to his own surprise and against his animal-hating instincts, that he is developing a grudging affection for his daughters’ four-legged companion.

A warm-hearted book for all the family and particularly those familiar with the trials and tribulations of animal ownership.