Chips for Breakfast

RAF post-war
ISBN 1-903953-67-7
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by Terry O'Reilly
A sprog's eye view of basic training in the Royal Air Force of the 1950s.

This account of the RAF ground trades training system in the 1950s is truly a worm's eye view and the author dedicates it to the hard-working and long-suffering drill and trade instructors of all the Armed Forces and marvels to this day at the way in which they continue to work miracles in turning the mishmash of raw material that comes their way into something useful!

Terry O'Reilly volunteered for the RAF in 1953, hoping to serve only five years and learn the technical trade. He ended up serving 36 years and retired as a Warrant Officer.

In this entertaining book he takes a light-hearted and nostalgic look at the culture-shock he experienced during the course of his his induction into the RAF of the early 1950s (including surprising discovery that chips were available at every meal, including breakfast).

His descriptions of the indignities and absurdities of basic training will have a familiar ring to anyone who served in the Armed Forces during the latter half of the 20th century and they will be sure to compare them to their own experiences.


details: softback | 140 x 205 mm | 180 pages
genre: military memoir | air forces and warfare | military humour
themes: RAF in postwar years | life in the armed forces | military training
readership: military historians/veterans | general readers