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by Jutta Tyler
A tale of intrigue in Poland at the time of Solidarnosc

Anybody interested in the history of Poland in recent years and the dramatic changes brought about by the Solidarity movement bringing an end to communism and the beginnings of a new prosperity will find much to entertain them in this historically accurate fictional tale.

Polish-born Joe Wascek, a former Royal Air Force fighter pilot, casual labourer and finally American entrepreneur, returns to Poland after his retirement. The visit prompts him to take up a new challenge – that of restoring a measure of prosperity to his own community in Poland.

Not until ‘Solidarity’ win the elections, does Poland emerge as a truly independent country, showing the first signs of prosperity. And Joe Wascek is to play a crucial part in that process, but to his own cost...

 A fictional story but based on real events in Poland at the time of the Solidarity movement  this novel is an interesting timepiece  and a gripping story  guaranteed to entertain any fans of historical fiction.

Born and raised in Berlin, Jutta Tyler met and fell in love with an RAF airman during the postwar Berlin Airlift. They remain married to this day and live in Ireland.