Collections of verse of various kinds

A Pilots Notes

by Ian Rae
Poems of a World War 2 Royal Air Force Flying Instructor.

Bawdy Ballads & Dirty Ditties of the Wartime RAF

An assortment of the rude rhymes and saucy songs performed by RAF airmen for their own amusement in RAF messes at home and abroad during WW2

No Poppies in the Jungle

by Kenneth Child
A collection of poems & drawings depicting the Burma Campaign of the "forgotten" 14th Army during World War 2

Songs & Ditties of the Fleet

by Richard Barr & Bernie Bruen
A collection of song lyrics, poems and humorous observations  informed by the authors' combined experiences in the Royal Navy 1950s-1980s.

Unlikely Birds of Many Lands and Other Rhymes

by Ian Rae
An eclectic collection of humorous poems and Limericks.