The Far East

Books that feature military activities in South East Asia during the Second World War

A Divers Escapades

by Glennys E Forrester-Brown
The wartime experiences of a lad from the Potteries who served in the Royal Navy as a diver during World War II

A Man Alone – A True Story of Mutiny in the Ranks

by Peter Court | The experiences of Sgt Robert T. (Bob) Robinson who faced insubordination from his platoon in the 14th ‘Forgotten’ Army in Burma during World War II

A Passage to Peshawar

by Bill Precey
Adventures of a young officer in the Indian Army during WW2

Adventures of a Flying Dutchman

by Rudolf J Idzerda
Autobiography of a WW2 pilot in the Netherlands Naval Air Service who went on to become a Rear Admiral and a Director of the World Wildlife Fund

Chocks Away!

by Wing Commander John Leighton Beck DFC*
The memoirs and letters of  a WW2 bomber pilot with 214 and 159 Squadrons.

Flying Boats, Fathers & Fate

by Trevor Richter
A tale of two RAF  flying boat pilots in the Far East during World War II and the remarkable coincidence that connected them

From Port T to RAF Gan

by Peter Doling
Colourful history of the remote military base at Addu Atoll in the Maldive Islands 1941-76

From Ypres to Georgetown

by Bob Simmons (with Sheryl Sinclair)
An Englishman’s adventures in Europe & the Far East during World War II & postwar career in Television

Hunt Like a Tiger

by Tom Docherty
Illustrated history of 230 Squadron RAF and its Sunderland flying boats 1939-45

No Poppies in the Jungle

by Kenneth Child
A collection of poems & drawings depicting the Burma Campaign of the "forgotten" 14th Army during World War 2

Operation Pharos

by Ken Rosam
An illustrated account of the construction and operation of the Allied airbase on the Cocos Keeling Islands in the Indian Ocean during World War II.

Over Hell and High Water

by Leslie Parsons
The author's two full operational tours as an RAF navigator with 622 Squadron of RAF Bomber Command on bombing raids over Germany and 99 Squadron operating in the Far East over vast stretches of the Indian ocean.

Percys Piece of the War

by Percy Shipperbottom
Exploits of an RAF High Speed Launch Wireless Operator in the UK and Far East during World War 2.
Seletar - Crowning Glory

Seletar: Crowning Glory

by David Taylor
An illustrated history of RAF Seletar in Singapore 1928-71.
The Tall Man Who Never Slept by James Bradley

The Tall Man Who Never Slept

by James Bradley
Biography of Cyril Wild, a British officer who played a significant role in Singapore during World War 2

An Ordinary Man in Extraordinary Times

by Percy Shipperbottom
The maritime exploits of an RAF High Speed Launch (HSL) Wireless Op/Signaller in the UK and Far East during World War II