Nothing So Strange

Nothing So Strange – a voyage to North Borneo

by Eileen Elizabeth Gidney
Memories of British North Borneo (now Sabah, Malaysia) in the early 1950s.

Occupation Nurse

by Peter & Mary Birchenall
Celebrating the achievements of a dedicated band of nurses who provided excellent healthcare to the inhabitants of the Channel Island of Guernsey during the German occupation of WW2.

Only Remember the Laughter

by June O'Carroll Robertson
Recalling a remarkable life at home and abroad, working for Norman Hartnell and Constance Spry, and much else besides...

Radar Days – experiences of a WAAF RDF operator in World War II

by Gwen Arnold
A former WAAF Radar Operator recalls her experiences while serving at Bawdsey Manor RDF Station during WW2.
Rotterdam Remembered 3-D product shot

Rotterdam Remembered

by Helen Sonnet
The wartime experiences of a young Dutch girl during the Nazi occupation of Holland in WW2.

Searching in the Dark

by Peggy Butler
Diary of a WAAF Radar Operator (1942-46)

Tales of a Bomber Command WAAF

by Sylvia Pickering
A former WAAF recalls life at wartime RAF bomber airfields Cottesmore and Coningsby
the golden ball and the golden string by eileen elizabeth gidney [cover]_20200617165411

The Golden Ball and The Golden String

by Eileen Elizabeth Gidney
A former schoolmistress remembers Palestine in the wartime years 1939-45.

The Irish Connection

by Jutta Tyler
Historical fiction based on real-life following an Irish doctor's activities during World War 2 including treating both British and German casualties of the Battle of the Atlantic.

The Summer House on the River Havel

by Jutta Tyler
A romantic tale set in Berlin during the Cold War when an innocent looking summer house on the banks of the River Havel is used as a secret rendezvous for escapees from the East.

The Tailors Daughter

by Joan Blackburn
Adventures of Charlotte Adshead 1858-1929 ~ the story of a  Victorian Cockney girl who emigrated to New Zealand in the late 19th Century.
There Goes the Siren 3-D product shot

There Goes the Siren

by Sheila Dobson
Childhood memories of the London Blitz and Wartime Evacuation.

Words and Wanderings

by Wallis Peel
A much-travelled and widely published author looks back on her writing career and overseas peregrinations

You and Your Disabled Child

by Margaret Barrett 
A qualified childcare professional provides a wealth of valuable practical advice for parents of disabled children.