A Shillings Worth of Promises

RAF World War II
ISBN 1-873203-32-2
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by Fred Hitchcock
Escapades of an RAF airman in the UK and Egypt before, during and after World War II

Written with style and humour, this autobiographical account has something for everyone and is a very entertaining read.

In this entertaining autobiography Fred Hitchcock looks back on his long and eventful life with a keen eye for detail and a wry sense of humour.

Born in the Kent town of Hythe during a Zeppelin raid in World War 1, Fred grew up between the wars and joined the RAF in the 1930s and was posted to Egypt, where he met his Swiss French wife-to-be. During WW2 he served as groundcrew on a Battle of Britain aerodrome and after the war, married and lived in Egypt for a number of years before returning with his wife to live the UK. 

Never taking himself too seriously, Fred regales his readers with a wealth of humorous vignettes featuring, amongst other things, the amorous triumphs and disasters of his youth, his wartime adventures with the RAF and the various challenges of the years that followed.

In later life, after the death of his wife, he married her niece, whom he had first met as a young woman many years previously. The tale of how this serendipitous second marriage came about is just one of the many colourful threads in Fred's unusual life story. 

A remarkably good humoured autobiography that is guaranteed to entertain and amuse anyone from the author's own generation but which can be readily enjoyed by readers of any age.