Whitecap Two-Five

ISBN 1-84683-131-8
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By Stephen R Davies
A Royal Air Force Policeman’s experiences at home and abroad, 1975-2000

In this entertaining and impressively extensive 940,00-word memoir, Stephen R Davies looks back on his eventful 25-year career in the RAF Police from 1975 to 2000, during which time he worked at various locations in the United Kingdom and overseas as far afield as Germany, Belize and Ascension Island.

In the course of his career Steve would be involved in a wide variety of police work, from basic guard and security duties to specialist criminal investigation and anti-drug operations. Along the way he would learn a great deal about police procedures, teamwork and personnel management, knowledge which was later put to good use when he became an instructor at RAF Police Training School.

Policing is, of course, serious work and this is reflected in much of the narrative, in which Steve details the challenges and problems he faced, both in fighting crime and maintaining good working relationships with colleagues, subordinates and superiors, which frequently called for all the inventiveness and ingenuity he could muster.

There are many lighter moments too, when Steve recalls some of the humorous situations he encountered in the line of duty and these are described with a mischievous sense of humour that is also evident the pranks and practical jokes that he and his colleagues were fond of playing on one another.

This book is, of course, highly recommended to any former RAF policemen, who will no doubt find within its pages much to remind them of their own experiences, while those who are young and inexperienced will find that it contains a great deal of valuable information and good advice.

But you do not have to be a policeman or even a military veteran to enjoy Steve’s articulate and amusing tales of his years in uniform, which contain plenty of entertainment value for readers of all ages and persuasions.

details: softback | large format (205 x 290 mm) | 180 pages | mono and colour photos
genre: military memoir / real-life adventure
themes: Royal Air Force Police 1975-2000