For Freedom and Honour

ISBN 1-84683-096-6
historical fiction
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by James R.S. Black
A historical novel set in World War Two following the fortunes of an RAF Spitfire pilot from Perthshire in Scotland

Part adventure story, part romance and part family saga, this charming historical novel, set during the tumultuous years of World War Two, contains elements to entertain male and female readers of all ages.

Growing up in the 1930s in picturesque Perthshire in the Highlands of Scotland, on a farm near the small town of Pitlochry, teenager James Somerville develops an interest in aviation and longs to learn to fly. He is encouraged in this ambition by his schoolteacher, the vivacious Catherine Campbell, just a few years his senior, whose father, a Wing Commander in the Royal Air Force, takes young James for his first flight in an aeroplane and encourages him to become a pilot.

James joins the RAF as soon as he is old enough but while he is learning to fly, at RAF Turnhouse near Edinburgh, the political situation in Europe is deteriorating and war becomes inevitable.

He gains his wings in 1940, just in time to participate in the Battle of Britain as a Spitfire pilot – a baptism of fire that prepares him for the long years of war that lie ahead; years in which his survival will depend on his own skill and judgment, the loyalty of his squadron colleagues and the steadfast support of his family and friends back home in Scotland.

As the war continues and he and his squadron pals are posted abroad, thoughts of home will sustain them through dark periods of doubting that they will ever see their homeland again.

It is then that James will remember the rolling hills and valleys of his native Perthshire, his parents, brothers and sisters and, most importantly,  his former schoolteacher, who has come to occupy a very special place in his affections…

details softback | 385 pages
keywords historical fiction | world war two | royal air force | battle of britain | scotland | pitlochry
readership male and female | all age groups