Earnest Revisited

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Christopher S. Nassaar is a professor of English literature and a well-known Oscar Wilde scholar. His book Into the Demon Universe: A Literary Exploration of Oscar Wilde (Yale, 1974) was considered a breakthrough in Wilde studies.

Since then, he has published several books and over 40 articles. Recently he produced two anthologies, The English Literary Decadence (1999) and The Victorians: A Major Authors Anthology (2000), and is currently preparing a second novel, a sequel to Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray.

He holds the Distinguished Faculty Service Award from the American University of Beirut.

by Christopher Nassaar
Oscar Wilde's play is given a novel make-over in this clever reworking of the original play into prose

Earnest Revisited is much more than a simple rendition of the original script into novel prose. It is almost twice the length of the original and is full of delightful Wildean surprises and additions.

The outcome is a fresh, witty and original tribute to Wilde's genius - a new novel that Oscar himself might have written.

Professor Nassaar has seized the opportunities presented by the novel format and has skilfully woven almost all of Wilde's famous witticisms from other sources into the narrative, as well as inserting a few clever imitations of his own for good measure. In addition, well-known characters from Wilde's other works, such as the Canterville ghost, are included.

In the words of Lighthouse Literary Reviews:

"The play itself is excellent, but this author managed to adapt it incredibly well! He rewrote Wilde in such a way that Wilde's imprint is not at all overshadowed or stamped out ... I think it is extremely difficult to rework someone else's creation without completely changing its feel, but this author succeeded wonderfully in doing just that."


"Rewriting was a common practice in ancient Greece and Rome as it was in Shakespeare's England and Racine's France. Angela Carter, Jeannette Winterson, Tom Stoppard, Will Self and other contemporary writers who have explicitly rooted their writings in specific works of the past suggest that rewriting is also a common practice in our own era. Earnest Revisited, by Christopher Nassaar, an overt rewrite of Wilde's comedy, seems to confirm the case.
    Christopher Nassaar, an academic, is widely known as the author of Into the Demon Universe: A Literary Exploration of Oscar Wilde (Yale, 1974), a volume which was considered a breakthrough in Wilde studies. Since then he has published a number of books and articles on ... Victorian literature in general and Oscar Wilde in particular. Earnest Revisited discloses his ambition to go beyond the limits of academic writing."
Emmanuel Vernadakis, The Oscholars