Dancing Through the Void

ISBN 1-903953-95-2
Personal memoir
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by Jacquie Clarke

Reassurance and sound advice for the recently bereaved

In this uplifting account in which Jacquie Clarke describes how she learned to dance through the void of bereavement and pick up the threads of life again...

The author charts the progress of her own recovery following the death of her husband after a long battle with Alzheimer’s disease.

After struggling through the grief and pain of loss, she set forth on a journey of self-discovery, understanding and acceptance, finally emerging from the void of bereavement with a renewed enthusiasm for life.

A very worthwhile and positive book, which will assist others in making a similar journey to recovery.

"A sensitively written account of loss and its consequences. Jacquie touches the core of bereavement and the complexity of relationships during this transitional period, whilst giving others hope, encouragement and the impetus to move forward in their lives."
Wendy Dadd MSc. BAC Registered counsellor, working with bereavement and loss.

"Jacquie has used her personal experience and professional skills to produce a book that will bring comfort as well as practical advice to widowhood. Grief is individual and often private but with the help of this book you may find your own steps to dancing through the void."
J.M., Nursing Home Manager/Matron