Prisoners of War

Books featuring the experiences of military servicemen taken prisoner during the Second World War.

2297 - A POWs Story

by John Lawrence

A former POW tells of his five years as a captive in Eastern Europe in WW2

A Bird Over Berlin

by Tony Bird DFC

Experiences of a 61 Squadron Lancaster pilot who later became a POW at Stalag Luft III

A Member of the RAF of Indeterminate Race

by Cy Grant
The wartime experiences of a West Indian officer in the RAF

Espionage Behind the Wire

by Howard Greville

The  secret history of a British intelligence network operating within German prisoner of war camps during World War II
from fiji to balkan skies by dennis mccaig

From Fiji to Balkan Skies

by Dennis McCaig

Experiences of a 249 Squadron Spitfire/Mustang pilot in Southern Italy and the Balkans 1943/44

Just a Survivor

by Phil Potts

The WW2 experiences of a 103 Squadron Lancaster navigator who later became a POW at Stalag Luft 7

Memoirs of a Goldfish

by Jim Burtt-Smith

The WW2 exploits of a 115 Squadron Wellington pilot who  survived his aircraft being shot down over the North Sea

Of Ploughs, Planes & Palliasses

by Percy Wilson Carruthers | A 223  squadron pilot's  experiences in North Africa with the Desert Air Force and as a prisoner of war 

Pathfinder Force Balkans

by Geoff Curtis

WW2 exploits of a 614 (Pathfinder) squadron flight engineer in the air and as a POW in Hungary

The Long Haul

by William Bloxham
An aviator's memories of WW2 138 (Special Duties) Squadron and as a POW
The Tall Man Who Never Slept by James Bradley

The Tall Man Who Never Slept

by James Bradley

Biography of Cyril Wild, a British officer who played a significant role in Singapore during World War 2


The Elephant On My Wing – a New Zealand pilots war

by Peter A Wright | The WW2 exploits of a 211 Squadron Blenheim pilot in North Africa and Italy and subsequently as a prisoner of war and successful escapee who evaded capture