The Diplomats Tale

by Anton Foster
A gripping Cold War espionage thriller.

The Enigma of 13 Sandown Road

by Jeff Pack
An inventive botanical mystery novel – Kew Gardens will never seem the same again!

The Hamburg Dossier

by John Law
A retired RAF Police officer returns to Germany to reinvestigate a 50-year-old murder mystery.

The Heart Has Room For Two

by Chris Bolton
A World War II love story.

The Impotence of Being Charlie

by Charles Gonda
Sex and skulduggery in this fictional tale set on a postwar RAF air base. When a young airman is wrongly accused of rape he must fight to clear his name.

The Irish Connection

by Jutta Tyler
Historical fiction based on real-life following an Irish doctor's activities during World War 2 including treating both British and German casualties of the Battle of the Atlantic.

The Summer House on the River Havel

by Jutta Tyler
A romantic tale set in Berlin during the Cold War when an innocent looking summer house on the banks of the River Havel is used as a secret rendezvous for escapees from the East.

The Unknown Conscript

by Peter Saunders
A true-to-life tale of National Service recruits in Cyprus during the unrest of the 1950s.

The Wheel of the Law

by Duncan Forbes
Imaginative tales examining varying attitudes to life, death, love, sex and relationships in various parts of the world, inspired by the author's extensive travels in Europe, Asia and the Far East.

Thirteen Ghost Stories

by Alexander Kinghorn
A collection of paranormal tales in the style of M.R. James.

Under New Management

by Robert C Bertie
More military mayhem at RAF March, a fictional 1950s RAF station, in this enjoyable addition to the BlueBelles series of books.

Wings of Love

by David & Olga Benjamin
An epic historical novel set in World War 1, combining mystery, romance, action and suspense