The RAF Postwar to Present Day

Books reflecting various aspects of the RAF after 1946.

60 More Aviation Experiences

by Jack Burgess et al
Another collection of true stories by members of the Aircrew Association

A History of the Kings Flight & Queens Flight

A chronicle of the activities, aircraft and key personnel of the elite RAF unit dedicated to the air transport of the British Royal Family from 1936-1995

A Pilots Way

by Mike Holmes
A veteran RAF and civil airline pilot looks back on 55 years of military, commercial and private flying

A Royal Air Force Pilots Tales

by Group Captain Harry M. Archer
A reflection on 30 years’ service with the RAF ~ 1950-80
a trek to solomon's throne by bruce blackney [3d]

A Trek to Solomon’s Throne & The Valley of the Assassins

by Bruce Blackney
Diary of a 1974 expedition to the Takht-e-Sulaiman Massif, Iran in the footsteps of Freya Stark

A Very British Standard

by Peter Bunnett
An RAF Airman’s experiences in the UK & Europe during the Cold War years 1967-72

A Virgin Airman

by Jack Docherty
An illustrated memoir of RAF Seletar in Singapore during the 1950s and of a nostalgic return trip in 2009

Adventures of a Trenchard Brat

by Ken Bartrop
A former Royal Air Force Apprentice’s experiences in the Royal Air Force 1942-66

Aircraft Engineer

by Brian W.A. Johnson

Reflections on a 50-year career in aviation with the RAF and commercial airlines 1947-1997

An Ordinary Life : the experiences of an RAF wife in the fifties

by Betty White

The life of a British forces family at RAF Seletar in Singapore and elsewhere in the postwar years


Bull, Bombs & Britannias

by Richard Ling
A former Boy Entrant looks back on his globetrotting career with the RAF 1961-75 as an Armourer, bomb disposal expert and Bristol Britannia loadmaster

Chips for Breakfast

by Terry O'Reilly

A sprog's eye view of basic training in the Royal Air Force of the 1950s

Chocks & Driptrays

by Stanley Newton
Experiences of an RAF Flight Mechanic in the UK, India and Pakistan 1946-56

Drop and Give Me Twenty!

by Rob Novak
Mischievous memoir of an RAF airman in the Falkland Islands and elsewhere during the 1980s

Fairy Tales of an S.A.C.

by John McGregor

A young airman’s experiences at RAF Thorney Island (and other exotic places) 1967-72

Flying the Waves

by Richard Pike
Experiences of an air-sea rescue helicopter pilot around the Scottish coast in the 1980s/90s   

Flying Upside Down

by Richard G. Walker
Memories of childhood / adolescence during and after WW2 in Stopsley, Bedfordshire and subsequent RAF National Service

From Blue to Grey

Recollections of former members of 54 Entry, Royal Air Force College, Cranwell (1949-51)
From the Ground Up by Alf Commons

From the Ground Up

by Alf Commons
ExperiencesExperiences of an RAF Technician in the post-war years 1946-69

Grain, Planes & Coffee Machines

by Graham Wise
A Memoir - 1937-2000 One man’s journey from a small Kentish island to Mars & beyond (via the Royal Air Force)

Halton Drums

compiled by Keith Youldon
The History of the RAF Halton Aircraft Apprentice Pipe Band

I Have Control!

by Edward Cartner
A junior officer's attempts to gain the respect of his subordinates and superiors never go according to plan

In Defence of the Realm

by Peter Voyse

An erk-some account of RAF National Service 1954-56 working on the Chain Home Low air defence system

Jumping Beans

by Edward Cartner
Recollections of an ‘oddball’ Royal Air Force Unit contributed by former staff members of No.1 Parachute Training School (PTS)

Looking Up at the Sky

by Group Captain C.B. 'Sid' Adcock
A former Hastings and VC10 pilot looks back on a 50-year career in the Royal Air Force 1960–2010